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  • Registered Clinical Psychologist (HCPC) 英國健康護理專業管理局註冊臨床⼼理學家

  • Clinical Pediatric Neuropsychology (PGDip UCL) 英國倫敦⼤學臨床兒童腦神經⼼理學深造⽂憑

  • Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy 靜觀⼼理治療

  • SEP 體感治療師

  • DARe Practitioner

  • Registered Clinical Psychologist (HCPC) 英國健康護理專業管理局註冊臨床⼼理學家

  • Clinical Pediatric Neuropsychology (PGDip UCL) 英國倫敦⼤學臨床兒童腦神經⼼理學深造⽂憑

  • Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy 靜觀⼼理治療

  • SEP 體感治療師

  • DARe Practitioner


Simon Sng Kwong Wo 孫廣和

  • Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP)

  • Reg. Somatic Psychotherapist (US Association for Body Psychotherapy)

  • Certified Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises Provider (TRE®)

  • Certified Primal Deconditioning Facilitator

  • Certified Ego State Therapist (ESTI)

  • Certified ISP Practitioner

  • Certified NGH Instructor

  • Associate Fellow (HKPCA)

  • Reg. Dance Therapist (BTD®)

  • Reg. Social Worker (RSW)

  • BSW, PgD (Mental Health), MSSC (Counselling-Distinction)

About Me

SEP cum SE Assistant and ISP Practitioner Status:

SE Assistant approved to assist all training levels and to provide personal sessions.

Detail Descriptions:

“My unique approach to working with clients is a bridge between Eastern & Western healing arts. I devote myself to assisting people becoming truly alive, conscious, responsible, and to developing the capacity to love and to heal. To this end, I utilize over 30 years of clinical experience and training in a variety of healing art modalities.”

Simon is the Founder / Psychotherapist / Clinical Consultant of Life Origin –Centre for Expressive & Somatic Psychotherapy in Hong Kong since 2008 ( Founder of the Chinese Society of Movement & Body Psychotherapy (CSMBP). The developer of Somatic-based Emotion Regulation Techniques (SERT) & Mindfulness-based Dance Movement Therapy (M-DMT).

My clinical approaches are Somatic-based Trauma Therapy, Mindfulness-based Dance Movement Therapy, Embodied Moving Meditation, Ego State Therapy, Attachment-based Therapy, SERT, Inner Child Healing, Couple Therapy & Group Psychotherapy.

Simon wrote a book called Life Origin – A Therapist’s Inspiring Thoughts on Life & Healing Arts (2008). He also had a chapter on “the use of dance & movement therapy in the inner child healing – Principles, techniques & methods” in one Dance Movement Therapy book (2018).

Simon received the Award of Distinguished Natural Medicine Professional (The 3rd World Conference of Natural Medicine, 2009) & made the presentation in various conferences, leading workshops & training in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau & China.

More about me:


Simon specializes in treating Anxiety, Depression, Phobia, OCD, PTSD, Complex PTSD, Developmental, Relationship & Shock Trauma.

Credentials and Licences:
  • Other Body Psychotherapy Training:

    • Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP) (2019)

    • Bodynamic Somatic Psychotherapy Training (120 hrs) (2019)

    • Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy Training Level 1 & 2 (Hakomi Institute of CA, 2017)

    • Hakomi Method Training Level 1 & 2 (Hakomi Educational Network, 2015)

    • Bioenergetic Analysis Training (120hrs) (2014)

    • Neo-Reichian Breathing & Body Work Training (216hrs) (2005)

    • Transomatic Dialogue Therapy Training (170hrs) (2005)

  • Attachment-based Psychotherapy Training:

    • Primal Deconditioning Facilitator Training (141hrs) (2004)

    • AEDP Level 3 (2018)

    • Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience (DARe Level 1-4) (2021)

  • Attachment-based Couple Therapy Training:

    • EFT (Couples) Externship & Core Skills (2018)

    • AEDP for Couples (2019)

    • Transformative Couple Therapy (2021)

  • Others:

    • Sandplay Therapy Systematic Training

    • Drama Therapy Core Modules Systematic Training (DT Institute of LA) (2014)

    • Certified DanceAbility Teacher (2019)

    • Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (2018)

    • Certified Sounder Sleep Teacher (2021)

Somatic Experiencing Journey:
  1. First took SEP HK-1 (Beg. I w/ Raja 2008)

  2. Continue SEP HK-2 (Beg. I/II w/ Sonia 2013)

  3. Continue SEP HK-2 (Beg. II/III w/ Sonia 2014), (Int. I/II w/ Cornelia Rossi 2014, Int. II/III w/ Sonia 2015), (Adv. I w/ Sonia 2015, Adv. II w/ Raja 2016)

  4. Assisted HK4 (Beg. w/ Sonia 2016, Int. w/ Sonia & Dave Berger 2017, Adv. w/ Raja & Sonia 2018)

  5. Assisted HK5 (Beg. w/ Sonia 2018, Int. w/ Pedro 2019, Adv. I w/ Raja 2020, Adv. II w/ Sonia)

  6. Assisted Shanghai (Beg I/II w/Pedro 2022)

  7. Assisted HK6 (Beg. Int. & Adv. w/ Pedro 2021-23)

Personal Contacts:
  • HK mobile / WhatsApp : (852) 59301196

  • Email :

  • Facebook / WeChat : kwsng02

  • Language: Cantonese/ Putonghua/ English

  • Fee: HK $800 (1hr), 50% off (video recording for clinical education)

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