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  • Registered Clinical Psychologist (HCPC) 英國健康護理專業管理局註冊臨床⼼理學家

  • Clinical Pediatric Neuropsychology (PGDip UCL) 英國倫敦⼤學臨床兒童腦神經⼼理學深造⽂憑

  • Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy 靜觀⼼理治療

  • SEP 體感治療師

  • DARe Practitioner


Rebecca Lo 羅韻芝

  • Registered Psychotherapist

  • Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP)

  • Certified Practitioner of Art in Therapy

About Me

SE Assistant / SEP / SE Student Status:

SE assistant approved to assist all levels and provide personal sessions to the Beginning Level.

Detail Descriptions:
  • Rebecca has been working as a Psychotherapist in the Department of Psychiatry in Servicos de Saude (public hospital) in Macau (2010 to present).

  • She is the founder of Macau Mental Health Association (2005)

  • She encountered Somatic Experiencing in 2015. It helps her a lot in relieving her bodily syndromes and re-wiring energies, thus bringing more integrity and wellbeing in her life, and she started loving the transformation that SE can bring to a person, and decided to pursue this pathway.

  • She has a wide range of experiences in handling clients, from nervous breakdown to psychotic breakdown, mentally and emotionally challenged clients, including Bipolar Disorders, Schizoaffective Disorders, Dissociative Personality Disorder, Depression and PTSD, etc.

  • She integrates Psychodynamic approach, Attachment theories & Somatic Experiencing in helping the client to restore peace within and in their relationships, with others and with themselves.

  • Approaches: Somatic Experiencing, Psychodynamic psychotherapy, Jungian Psychology, Gestalt Therapy and Attachment Theories

  • Grief & Loss

  • Gender issues

  • Sexual Violations

  • Domestic Violence

  • Life Transitions & Personal Growth

  • Early Developmental and Relational traumas

  • Boundaries & Individualisation in Chinese culture

  • Mental Health issues: Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar & Psychosis

  • She has worked extensively with clients dealing with Attachment Injury in intimate/marital relationships, often coupled with inter-generational family and parenting difficulties

Credentials and Licences:
  • Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology (Counseling), University of Macau

  • Master of Science in Mental Health, Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Intensive Training in Dissociative Personality Disorder with Dr. Robert Grant in 2013

  • Perinatal and Prenatal Embodiment Workshop with Yiri Dollekamp

  • Ego State Therapy with Wollie Hartman

Somatic Experiencing Journey:
  • First took SEP HK-4 (Beg. w/ Sonia) (Int. w/ Sonia & Dave Berger) (Adv. w/ Sonia & Raja)

  • Re-do HK-5 (Beg. w/ Sonia) (Int. w/ Pedro) (Adv. w/ Raja and Sonia)

  • Assisting in HK-6 (Beg., Int. & Adv. w/ Pedro)

Personal Contacts:
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